8 Book Cafes in India That Every Book Lover Must Visit Once

Reading your favourite book with a cup of tea for company… this is what a book lover’s fantasy is made of. So imagine my delight when I came across the newest Indian fad, book cafes. Of course a few of them have been around for a while, but it’s only now that the book café culture has grown and gotten recognition from nerds across the country. While the list of book cafes in India is pretty exhausting, here is our pick of 8 of the best ones across the county. Go pick a book of your choice, get lost in the story and sip on endless cups of chai. *Book Nerd Fantasy*


Kitab Khana, Mumbai: True to its name, Kitab Khana provides you with a huge array of books to choose from along with your pick of desserts. Sink into those comfy bean bags and lose yourself in the pages of your book with a sweet delight for company.

Check them out here.


The Coffee Cup, Hyderabad: The Coffee Cup is the perfect hangout for book nerds. A cute sit-out terrace and charming wooden interiors apart, the place also offers you a wide choice of board games to challenge your friends to once you are done with the reading.

Check them out here.


Literati, Goa: Step in to this quaint Portuguese-styled bungalow and lose yourself in the piles of books stacked here as you sip some freshly-brewed coffee and with some delicious Italian nibbles on the side. A perfect place for a Sunday afternoon book binging session.

Check them out here.

Cafe Story, Kolkata: This graphic novel- and-comic-themed café, not only has some pretty good reads, but it also gives you a wide choice of pastas, salads, falafels and risottos to pick from. The Art Street and Pen & Ink sections also make for some fun shopping time. Don’t blame us if you end up spending hours in here.

book cafe Delhi

Cafe Turtle, Delhi: This bright and cheerful café gives you a wide choice of books along with some truly delicious coffee options. Book lovers’ heaven.

Check them out here.

book cafe Bangalore

Atta Galatta, Bangalore: This pretty little place encourages creativity. From writing to painting to music, you’ll find something for everyone. The place offers a treasure trove of books in regional languages along with their English translations that you can choose from. Atta Galatta also keeps busy with a whole bunch of live performances, workshops, group readings and book launches.

Check them out here.

cafe fiction Gangtok

Cafe Fiction, Gangtok: If you already didn’t have enough reasons to visit Gangtok, here’s one more. Surrounded by the northeastern scenic beauty, Café Fiction has books on Sikkimese and Tibetian history to pick from. Take a break from the book browsing to dine on the delicious Himalayan cuisine along with steaming Sikkimese tea.

Check them out here.

book cafe Chennai

Amethyst Cafe, Chennai: Amethyst Café is less of a café and more of an attic-like shop located amidst cobbled pathways and a huge garden. Apart from the well-stocked bookstore, browse through the jewellery boutique and exotic flower shop. A perfect weekend haven for the book nerd in you.

Check them out here.

The article was originally published on iDiva.com

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